Linens and Lace Collection Volume 4 was published in May 2008
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Here are some links to our favorite places
Society of Decorative Painters: Our national society
National Museum of Decorative Painting
The National Museum of Decorative Painting (formerly The Decorative Arts Collection, Inc.) collects items of historic and artistic merit, both contemporary and antique. Items that document the development of decorative painting are also an important part of the Collection. Become a Friend today. Arlene has been named a member of the Board of Trustees!
Folk & Decorative Artists Association Australia Inc
Arlene taught at and attended the 2010 conference held in Salamander Bay NSW.
Northland Decorative Painters
Twin City Decorative Artists Guild
Paul Loftness - Wood turnings
Paul does the finest quality wood pieces. Dave loves to sand (almost none ever required) and seal Paul's pieces for me because they are so wonderful to begin with.
Google has taken its 360-degree Street View cameras featured in Google Maps,into some of the most famous and acclaimed galleries, to open the world’s art collection to the internet.
Turn of the Century
Jan & Roger make beautiful and different wood pieces that are wonderful to paint on.
Houston Artists Expo
Arlene will teach here in 2011 for the 1st time!
Carol Spohn - Watercolor Artist and Teacher
Carol is a great friend and a fabulous watercolor teacher and artist. Her classes are lots of fun. Carol is starting to do lots of travel teaching.

Arlene is involved with several Lace Making organizations. If you interested in making lace, these links may be helpful:
International Old Lacers Inc.
Minnesota Lace Society
The International Bobbin & Needlelace Organization